The Education and Training Committee offers several workshops. Those available include:

  • Advance Grievance Handling

Understanding what is and isn’t a grievance and implementing the grievance process.

  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Union Leaders
  • Tools of the Trade

Three workshops assisting you in what is expected of each officer, their responsibilities as it pertains to chapter business and how to ensure chapter success.

  • Building Member Leaders
  • Leadership Development and Activating Members

Two workshops touching on how to develop leadership and how to have the courageous conversation with your members to activate them into action.

  • Building Trustees\Classification Reps

Understanding the role of the trustee/rep. You are the ears and eyes of your chapter.

  • Chapter Communications

How to utilize all your tools to make sure communication is flowing within your chapter.

  • Civil War- Resolving Discourse- Bullying Behavior

Resolving conflict and bullying behavior in the workplace.

  • Contract Administration
  • Know your Contract

Two workshops helping you understanding the four corners of your contract and how all parts work together.

  • Effective Communication (COLORS)

Team-building to find out why we like who we like and how not to fuss too much with others.

  • Evaluations

How evaluations work, what you can and cannot be evaluated on.

  • Grievance Investigations
  • Grievance Processing

Two workshops helping you understand the in’s and out’s of grievance investigation and how to properly prepare your argument.

  • HE Trilogy Reclassification

Understanding the process of reclassification within Higher Education.

  • Hey I knew that

The ins and outs of maintaining a successful chapter.

  • Higher Ed Trilogy Negotiations

Understanding the negotiation process for Higher Education, to include how to prep for negotiations, terms used and laws that protect your bargaining rights.

  • How to Run a Meeting 

Parliamentary procedure, how to run and survive a meeting.

  • Leadership and Effective Communications

Understand the union leader in you and how to better communicate to your chapter.

  • Leaves

How do they work, which one should I take and how will it impact my job?

  • Negotiations
  • Negotiations- Contract Maintenance and Labor Management 

Two workshops that will give you an understanding of the negotiation process to include how to prep for negotiations, terms used and laws that protect your bargaining rights.

  • Membership Management 

Understanding the importance of consistent documentation when greeting new members.

  • Now that I’m Elected, what do I do?

A walk from A to Z on what to expect in your new role.

  • Progressive Discipline

Are workplace expectations set and do all employees understand the expectations?

  • School Budgets Made Simple

Understanding how employers receive funding and how this impacts you.

  • Tip of Chapter Secretaries

Understanding your role as a chapter secretary.

  • Union Leadership Survival School ULSS

An overview of what is PSE, basic contract law and union security.

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