New Leadership Academy

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2018 New Leadership Academy! Stay tuned for future training opportunities.

Who should attend: Following the Janus Supreme Court case, every chapter should seek to send as many elected chapter leaders as possible to this year’s training.  Membership Officers and Stewards are especially encouraged to attend, whether elected or not.

You will learn:

  • The impacts of the Janus court case and membership optional environment.
  • The most effective way to handle requests to “drop” union membership.
  • Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with “free-riders”.  What you do and don’t need to do.
  • How to build a stronger chapter post Janus.
  • How to better understand what your elected role is and how to do it more effectively.
  • What new supports and processes are available to assist you to serve members in your important role.
  • The best Point of Contact (POC) for various situations.

You will be able to:

  • Develop an effective chapter specific plan to meet and sign-up new hires.
  • Have more confidence when working with management.
  • More easily run or contribute/participate in an effective chapter meeting.
  • More effectively communicate with chapter members.
  • Increase participation in your chapter activities.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other leaders; learn tips and tricks and shortcuts from successful leaders.
  • Understand better the real purpose(s) of a true chapter leader – it is not what you think!
  • Better understand the challenges and opportunities for chapters to be proactive and grow their members in the coming years.

All elected PSE chapter executive board members are invited to attend any one (1) regional New Leadership Academy. We encourage you to attend New Leadership Academy with other members of your chapter’s executive board. Registration will open after Labor Day, and training locations will be communicated after registration. 

You may apply for up to two hours of paid release time if your regularly scheduled work end time would prohibit you from traveling and arriving on time to attend the training. You can request paid release time on the registration page.

Mileage over 50 miles to the nearest training will be reimbursed by PSE Education and Training programs. The maximum mileage that will be reimbursed is the distance from your residence to the nearest training. Check with your chapter on availability of funds for reimbursement of mileage less than 50 miles or when attending a regional training not in your area. Accommodations will be provided upon request for attendees driving more than 100 miles to the training location closest to their residence, or those using a ferry or toll bridge. Please request accommodations during registration.

This year, Leadership Academy is open to all PSE chapter executive board members regardless of time in office. 


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