Leadership Training Expo (LTE)

Before Convention every year, PSE members come together for some valuable training at the Leadership Training Expo (LTE). This is an excellent way to grow in leadership and to learn more about our union. Thank you to everyone who attended LTE 2017!

Below you can download handouts and presentations from each of the LTE workshops.

LTE Sessions

Why a Union and does one make cents? (Presentation | Handout) – Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about your union: What is your union, why union membership is important and how it pays off financially to be a member. Attendees will understand a) the basic structure of their union, and can, b) identify the cost/benefit of the dues members pay, c) describe where their dues go, d) explain what the union has done already to benefit members before they were hired, e) explain why it is important for everyone to be a member of the union.

Customer Service – Learn how to be a better employee or chapter leader in this hands-on workshop designed to help you explore ways of improving customer service. Attendees will be able to identify two customer service models and how they can apply one or more to their chapter in addition to their personal or professional lives.

Intermediate and Advanced Social Media – Come and explore some more advanced techniques for utilizing social media in your chapters.

Building strong chapters – Learn how to build strong chapters using resources you didn’t know existed in your chapter. Attendees will learn the building blocks to a strong chapter and the simple secret to finding members who will help your chapter thrive. You will leave with a template for developing your own chapters plan for success and growth.

Communications – Learn basic communication skills you can use at home and at work in this interactive workshop. Attendees will be able to identify at least three different communications skills and understand how to apply each of them in personal or work settings. Attendees will also learn strategies for connecting and communicating with their communities in community service activities.

Retirement Planning – Getting from here to there – Attendees will be able to identify a) several common retirement tools and their purpose, b) several resources for state employees to assist them in financial and retirement planning decisions.

Technology on the cloud 101 – Attendees will be introduced to such things as Google Docs and Microsoft One Drive and learn the basics of etiquette for email, and how to download and use the convention APP.

Roads to Service Leadership (no presentation in this workshop) – Learn from former board members about their suggestions for how to prepare for roles of service at the chapter level as well as at the state level. Attendees will gain an understanding of the core skills and competencies necessary to be successful in each and tips for moving forward and helping make their union stronger.


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