Leader Resources

Chapter Meeting Notices
Whether you are announcing a regular chapter meeting or the annual chapter meeting to elect your delegates and alternates for convention, PSE will send a meeting notice, either hard copy or electronically, to your members. Simply complete this before your meeting.

Online Chapter Meetings
As we work to create a 21st century PSE SEIU Local 1948 that develops more leaders and engages more members than ever before, the Online Chapter Meeting template is a resource to help you be successful in your local.

Download Fall 2017 Template

  • Every quarter, a new template will be available on the PSE website with a video message from the PSE State President, Executive Director, and member stories and helpful information from across the state.
  • We hope this template helps you run your meetings more effectively, and is a valuable resource for your chapter’s leadership team.
  • If you have questions or feedback, please contact: training@pseofwa.org

Chapter Leader Business Cards
As a service to our chapter leaders, PSE provides a small supply of business cards.

Union Leader Handbook (Coming Soon)
PSE is pleased to provide our vital leaders this handbook. It is intended to provide a brief overview of leadership issues, information on labor relations, as well as the resources that PSE offers its chapter leaders and officers.

Levy/Bond Assistance Program
Thousands of classified employee jobs rely on the outcome of school district levy or bond elections. As a benefit to members, PSE supports classified employees through the PSE Levy and Bond Program.

Chapters participating in the program receive additional campaign contributions and political assistance from PSE to help pass these vital levies and bonds. Fill out the request form and it will be sent to the state office for approval.

Chapter Secretary Materials:
Even if you are a seasoned chapter secretary, make sure to check out the self-study course posted at YouTube — Tips for Chapter Secretaries.  Please download the following document as a supplement to the self-study course, it will provide examples of documents that are mentioned in the course:  Records Retention Form | Sample Election Forms

Chapter Treasurer Materials:
Do you want to learn more about being the chapter treasurer? Make sure to check out the self-study course posted at YouTube — Chapter Finances Made Simple, designed to answer the most commonly asked questions about chapter finances.

If you need assistance preparing your chapter’s annual budget, please read the Yearly Chapter Budget Projection Instructions.

All chapters are required to file an annual Chapter Financial Report with the state office by October 31st, 2017.

You may also want to refer to following reference materials to assist with Recording Minutes or look at Sample Bylaw Language.

Looking for Ways to Recognize Members?
Acknowledge outstanding service with exclusive pins and plaques from PSE.

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