Lawyer Referral Program

  • You have credit problems, but own your own home and want to know if you are eligible to file bankruptcy.
  • Your ex-spouse has a good job but consistently doesn’t pay his or her child support payments.
  • You or a family member has been injured in an automobile accident and you are concerned how your rights might be affected by recent insurance legislation.
  • You and your spouse are interested in adopting a child.
  • You realize that you and your spouse haven’t ever gotten around to making a will.
  • You have to sign a complicated document, or if you’ve ever bought something that turned out to be a “lemon.”

You can receive quality free and discounted legal services, through our Lawyer Referral Program, just for being a PSE member (active, life, retired, as well as their spouses and dependents). You will receive two free 30 minute consultations and 15% off the attorney’s standard rates.

Matters involving any union-related organization or union official are not included in this program. PSE provides each of its members with ready access to legal counsel to answer employment related questions. The fee discount does not apply to cases where the attorney represents you on a “contingent fee” basis. That is when you pay only a portion of any recovery to your attorney, rather than a stated amount per hour or stated total amount.

To receive a referral to one of the attorneys in our program, you can either email your request directly to Paralegal Lenda Johnson or you can call 253-876-7447/1-866-820-5652 x 7447. You will be mailed or emailed a referral to an attorney closest to your home. Give the form to the attorney you have chosen during your initial consultation.

Disclaimer: Attorney services provided by PSE LRP members are not services of PSE. PSE does not warrant the quality of representation in any specific case. Payment for all legal fees is the sole responsibility of the member.

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