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The purpose of committees is to provide advice and support to the organization to assist in achieving the mission and vision of PSE. Committees are a means by which members become actively involved in the work of PSE and assist with responding to member needs and interests.

Members interested in serving on a PSE committee are encouraged to read the committee descriptions below and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to volunteer. Committee chairs are named shortly after convention and volunteers can expect to be contacted starting October 1st.

  • Awards Committee shall, with board approval, create award categories, define the requirements, determine the selection process and identify deserving recipients for official awards sanctioned by PSE. Nominations for honorary awards to legislators who have supported PSE’s platform shall be made by the Legislative Council and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Bylaws and Resolutions Committee shall receive, analyze, and recommend a position to the board of directors on all proposed bylaws and resolutions (except Awards Resolutions) to be presented for consideration to the delegates at the annual PSE convention.  In addition, the committee is to conduct an annual review of the current bylaws.  Based on that review, they may make housekeeping changes with board approval and may prepare proposals to be presented to the delegates at the annual PSE convention.
  • Convention Committee and each of its subcommittees shall coordinate a quality, cost effective annual PSE convention.
  • Education and Training Committee shall promote quality, affordable training that will improve the personal skills, professionalism and leadership abilities of classified employees.
  • Elections Committee shall ensure that fair, impartial elections for PSE state officers and International Delegates are conducted in accordance with Article X of these bylaws.
  • Emergency Relief Committee shall provide emergency assistance to members in need due to catastrophic illness or disaster through the PSE Emergency Relief Program.
  • Nominating Committee shall ensure that one or more candidates are nominated for each office and open International Delegate position and that all candidates are treated fairly and equitably.
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Committee is responsible for ensuring that delegates serve as Sergeants-at Arms and that those delegates so serving preserve peace and decorum during convention business sessions and ensures that business is conducted appropriately.
  • Scholarship Committee shall identify deserving recipients and award PSE scholarships to PSE dependents to encourage and support today’s youth and to PSE members to provide assistance with professional development.
  • Welcome Committee shall greet and assist delegates and guests at the annual PSE convention to create a friendly, positive atmosphere.

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awards committee
2017-18 Awards Committee

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