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Effective Chapter and Leader Grant Applications
| Application Information |
Grant funds can be used to:
-meet new employees at their workplace or at employer orientation (if employer does not provide paid release time);
-get chapter members to sign recommit cards;
-send a chapter member (only if the chapter isn’t sending someone) to legislative conference and PSE’s annual convention (if there is no other funding available);
-send a chapter member (only if the chapter isn’t sending someone) to local, regional, or state training or meetings;
-assist chapter’s or leader’s efforts to meet the effective chapter or leader characteristics.  

Levy/Bond Assistance Program
Thousands of classified employee jobs rely on the outcome of school district levy or bond elections. As a benefit to members, PSE supports classified employees through the PSE Levy and Bond Program.

Chapters participating in the program receive additional campaign contributions and political assistance from PSE to help pass these vital levies and bonds.

Fill out the request form and it will be sent to the state office for approval.

Award Nomination Forms
Every year, PSE pauses and recognizes the hard work performed by its classified, exempt, and higher education employees. Click here to read about the types of awards and here to download a Certificate of Appreciation.

Bylaws Amendment Form
| Proposed Changes Form |

Certificate of Recognition
The Membership Committee created a Certificate of Recognition chapter leaders may present to members who provide extraordinary service in their chapters. Simply click here to type your information onto the certificate and then print on a paper of your choice. You can also click here for a certificate that includes Years of Service.

Sign up for PSE Updates or Update your Information
| Information Form |
Are you not receiving PSE information in your mailbox, email, or on your cell phone? Have you moved, changed jobs, or has any of your contact information changed? Be sure to let us know so that you continue to receive timely union information.

Chapter Financial Report
All chapters are required to file an annual Chapter Financial Report with the state office by October 31st, 2018.

Chapter Leaders Update
Newly-elected officer form |
Make sure to report the names of all newly-elected chapter officers after your chapter holds elections. This keeps our database up-to-date and also makes sure we send information to the correct people.

Coloring Book for Kids
| Download |
Want to help educated children about classified jobs in our schools? This 10-page book allows youngsters to color in pictures of several classifications, as well as tell a little bit about their favorite classified employees.

Emergency Relief Fund
This is a state-wide program that provides emergency assistance to members in need due to catastrophic illness or disaster. It is supported by member contributions via chapter donations and fundraising efforts. In addition, the PSE Board of Directors may, at its discretion, set aside some general revenues to support this fund.

You may apply for funding if you meet these qualifications

Grievance Forms
As a member of PSE you have the legal right to file a grievance if concerns arise in the workplace. As always, if you find it necessary to file a grievance we recommend that you contact your field representative first to obtain a grievance form.

Member Expense Report
– Member Expense Report (Excel)
Member Expense Report (PDF)

PSE Policy Manual Index
Policies are available to view upon request as follows:

Members may request to view a PSE policy if they are a member in good standing for no less than 6 months.  Requests can be made by completed form M25 and submitting it to the State Office.

PSE Store
Show your union pride! Order your PSE union merchandise here. Selection changes frequently, so check back often.

Service Pins
Public School Employees service pins are a great way to recognize members’ service to public schools, universities, and to our union! PSE provides beautiful gold pins with the years of service engraved and a stone signifying 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of employment in a bargaining unit position. Find more information and order them here.

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