Consumer services

You and your co-workers joined the union to gain a voice on the job. But this collective strength also has an impact in the marketplace.

When PSE joined SEIU we became part of a big family of union members. SEIU’s 2.1 million members, along with members of the AFL-CIO, totals more than 13 million union members and their families. This results in substantial purchasing power as part of Union Privilege, a program founded by the AFL-CIO to provide consumer benefits.

Through member-only programs offered by SEIU in partnership with Union Privilege we’re able to provide you and your family with special discounts, programs, features and savings. Visit the SEIU website to learn more and to take advantage of the privileges of your union membership.

Financial assistance
Member-only benefits such as skip payments and financial assistance in the event of disability or layoff are available. Members can also take advantage of mortgage and real estate benefits such as low down payments and reduced closing costs.

Learn more about the protections and duties of worksite leaders in the Stewards Handbook. Various booklets on safety and health issues are also available.

Discounts are offered on IBM and Dell computers and accessories.

Check out discounts on movie tickets, movie rentals, music CDs, theme parks, theater, museums and aquariums, sporting events and skiing.

Legal services
Free and discounted legal assistance.

Information is provided on loans, scholarships, selecting a college, preparing for college entry tests and buying textbooks online.

Pet services
You can save 25% on veterinarian services and 10% on pet health insurance.

Save 15% when you send flowers.

Health care
Save an average of 18% on prescription costs and reduce out-of-pocket expenses on health care services such as dental and vision care.

Health club memberships
Discounts on new health club memberships at over 1,500 health clubs include Bally’s Fitness, Select World and Gold’s Gym.

Life insurance
Term insurance is available at a low group rate. Premiums are waived during layoffs.

Auto insurance
Save an average of $350 on your auto insurance bill.

Credit cards
Apply for a union credit card with an average rate 2% below national and no annual fee.

Secured credit card
There is no application fee for a secured credit line of 100% of deposit and 25-day grace period.

Credit counseling
Free consumer credit counseling services and debt management assistance are provided to members.

Personal and home equity loans are available at competitive rates for debt consolidation.

Your credit score
Learn your credit score and get help improving it.

Auto purchases
Save time and money when buying a new vehicle. Additional $100 savings when you buy union made! These services are available for used cars also.

Auto service and tires
Save up to 10% on Goodyear car service and Goodyear tires.

AT&T Wireless
Save up to 10% on cellular service with a unionized wireless phone company.

Powell’s Bookstore
Save at this discount unionized internet bookseller.

Union-made checks
You can save on union-printed checks and return address labels that feature the SEIU logo.

Union-made clothing
Save up to 5% from two providers of union-made apparel. These programs are designed specifically for union members and their families.

To learn more about Union Privilege and its programs, visit or call 1-800-452-9425 or 202-293-5330.

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