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Budget details and McCleary solution updates

Read what it all means for PSE members in Doug’s legislative blog.

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Budget details finally published

Just a couple minutes ago, legislative leaders released the budget.  At that site you can click on different displays of the budget documents.  Plenty of good news!

  • PSE’s higher education contracts funded
  • State employee and higher education employee coalition insurance agreement fully funded
  • 2.3% salary increase effective 9-1-17 for K 12 employees (see LEAP 2 for each school districts salary allocation).
  • 17% salary allocation increase to $39,975.50 effective 9-1-19 for K 12 employees.  However, unless you have already agreed to salary increases for 2018-19 on the effective date of HB 2242, your salary increase will be different based upon your school districts average basic education classified employee salary (see LEAP 2).  The salary increase will be the Seattle CPI (current law) or how much would be necessary to raise each school districts average basic education salary calculation up to the amount allocated by the State.
  • Effective 9-1-18, K12 regionalization salary factor for certain school districts goes into effect (see LEAP 3)
  • Insurance funding increased to $820 ($40 increase or 5.1% increase) effective 9-1-17 and $840 (2.4% increase) effective 9-1-18
  • Retiree carveout $64.07 (.5% decrease) effective 9-1-17 and $68.67 (7.2% increase) effective 9-1-18
  • $1.9 million to fund paraeducator board and startup grants
  • $8 million to fund the SEBB (school employee benefit board)

If I find more details in the 617 page budget, I will update in a future blog.

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3rd special session starts

In 2 hours, Governor Inslee will start the 3rd special session.  With only 9 days left before the current budget expires (and therefore all funding for state funded programs), budget negotiators have as much pressure on them as possible to reach an agreement.  Strategically, they will need to announce the agreement by the 26th, no later than the 27th, in order to get everybody to town, brief them on the agreement and to get the staff to prepare the paperwork so they have all the information necessary for the final votes.  Will they make it in time?  My guess, and it is only a guess, is they won’t.

Will there be a government shutdown?  My guess, and it is only a guess, is there won’t be a government shutdown because they will pass a one or two month extension of current state funding.

Sitting on the sidelines impatiently watching this is the Supreme Court demanding that they reach a conclusion to fully fund K 12 education. Will they add another sanction to the $100,000 per day fine to get the legislators to take their order seriously?

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Donate to the Sponsorship Fund

Donate to the Betty Rankin Sponsorship Fund and help send a delegate to Convention! The cost to fully sponsor two delegates (registration and two nights stay) is about $650. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated!

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Budget Details Released; Contracts Funded

The legislature has released the details of its new 2017-2019 operating budget.

Thankfully, PSE’s collective bargaining agreements at WWU and CWU are included in the budget and funded, as is the health care agreement. Among many other improvements to working conditions, the WWU and CWU contracts provide a 6% wage increase over the course of the biennium. The legislature is scheduled to vote on the budget later today, just hours before the deadline.

For more details on the budget, please visit Doug Nelson’s legislative blog. PSE will provide an update once the budget is approved.

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Fund All Education Staff

The Supreme Court is clear that the state must fully fund the actual costs of providing a basic education to all of Washington’s students.

Tell your elected representatives to pass a state budget that fully funds the basic education classified staff that our public schools rely on today.

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In Loving Memory of Judy York

We are saddened to share that our beloved friend, Judy York, passed away on Friday, June 2nd. She was a wife, mother, union activist, paraeducator, and a fighter.

“Judy York fought against cancer with grace and dignity,” said PSE President Charlotte Shindler. “She found comfort knowing that her PSE friends and family were cheering for her.”

Judy served as President of Snohomish PSE Chapter and on the PSE Board of Directors. Recently, she was awarded Life Membership to PSE, one of the union’s most prestigious honors. She will be remembered as an influential leader in education who brought love, compassion, and wisdom to countless students, staff, and fellow members.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

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Candidate statements due May 31st

To have your statement published on the PSE website and included in the convention brochure, your candidate packet must be received no later than May 31st, 2017 by Close of Business (5:00 pm).









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Paraeducators finally achieve State recognition

This morning, Governor Inslee signed ESHB 1115, PSE’s paraeducator bill.  Inslee’s action puts an end to PSE’s five year effort to convince the legislature that paraeducators need to be recognized by the State as a critical member of the instruction team.  However, there is plenty more to be do as the paraeducator board is formed and the Board starts to work on developing the standards, training modules, career ladder, and, advanced paraeducator standards.

Additionally, we will be seeking state funding for the board and training ($23 million) in the next budget cycle two years from now.

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PSE Member receives 2017 RISE Award in Washington, D.C.

Jamie Manchester, K-8 Library Technician and K-12 Technology Coordinator for Davenport School District and a member of Public School Employees SEIU Local 1948, was honored in Washington D.C. May 3rd as one of the 2017 Recognizing Inspiring School Employees (RISE) Award winners.

The award was given to five individuals from across the country who are doing extraordinary and inspirational things in their schools and communities to promote quality education, foster positive learning environments, and ensure student success.

Manchester joined four other award recipients at a ceremony in Washington D.C. at the United States Botanic Garden.

Jamie Manchester Social Media

“Jamie’s dedication to her students is an inspiration,” said Charlotte Shindler, President of the Public School Employees of Washington SEIU Local 1948. “She sets an example for all members of the education team to follow, and her outstanding work can be seen not only in her school but throughout her community.”

Jamie has served the communities of Sprague, Lamont, and Davenport, Washington for over 10 years as a Library Technician and Technology Coordinator. During that time, she has been a strong advocate for technology in the classroom, creating her school’s first elementary computer lab, and implementing 1:1 Chromebooks for K-12. She has written grants that have helped introduce STEM-based curriculum and new technology to enrich her students’ experience in school and their lives beyond the classroom. Jamie also serves as the Vice President of the Creston Alumni Association, helping award over $240,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors in the community.

She has been a member of our union since 2006 and has held several positions in service to the membership. Jamie has served on the Education and Training Committee, as Chapter Vice President and Chapter Secretary, and as an Annual Convention Delegate. She has helped organize new bargaining units, assisted with campaigns to visit local representatives, and spoken on the issues facing classified school employees locally and across the nation.


The National Coalition of Classified Education Support Employee Unions (NCCESEU), a coalition of state and national unions that together represent a million school support employees, gives the award. The award highlights the individual contributions of school staff and recognizes the essential role that all education professionals play in shaping our public schools.

For more information, and to see all of this year’s recipients, click here.

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