PSE Board of Directors

Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas
Clicking the link above takes you to PSE’s Board Docs site where agendas with related materials are maintained, and Board Minutes are available to members as soon as they are approved by the board and signed by the State Secretary and State President. Executive board minutes are also available to members once they are approved by the executive board and signed by the State Secretary.

Click on the ENTER PUBLIC SITE, then select the year and select the meeting agenda you wish to view. Select VIEW THE AGENDA and you may browse the agenda by scrolling down the left hand side of the page or by using the arrows at the top of each page.  Agenda items with a paper icon indicate materials are attached to that particular agenda item.

President Charlotte Shindler
Rosalia School District
Email Charlotte Shindler

Vice President Annie Copeland
Policy Review Committee Chair
Yelm Community Schools
Email Annie Copeland

Secretary Jennifer McMaster
Tahoma School District
Email Jennifer McMaster

State Treasurer BJ Colvin
Bylaws and Resolutions Committee Chair
Walla Walla School District
Email BJ Colvin


Zone 1 Director Monti Franckowiak
PSE Board of Director
Email Monti Franckowiak

Zone 2 Director Susan Olson
Deer Park School District
Email Susan Olson

Zone 3 Director Judy Madewell
Emergency Relief Committee Chair
Moses Lake District
Email Judy Madewell

Zone 4 Director Michelle Weier
Yakima Food Service
Email Michelle Weier

Zone 5 Director Edy Lanphere
State Grievance Panel Committee Chair
Evergreen School District
Email Edy Lanphere

bZone 6 Director Regina (Gina) Coleman
Sergeant-at-Arms Committee Chair
Tacoma Food Service
Email Gina Coleman

Zone 7 Director Pam Stevenson
Welcome Committee Chair
Auburn School District
Email Pam Stevenson

Zone 8 Director Dick Sanderson
Meridian School District
Email Dick Sanderson

Zone 9 Director Jacque Meddles
Education & Training Committee Chair
South Kitsap School District
Email Jacque Meddles

Zone 10 Director Deb Lewin
Wenatchee School District
Email Deb Lewin

Zone 11 Director Judy York
Awards Committee Chair
Snohomish School District
Email Judith York

Zone 12 Director David Douglass
Elections Committee Chair
Aberdeen School District
Email David Douglass

Zone 13 Director Angie Wedekind
Central Washington University
Email Angie Wedekind

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