Applying for Unemployment

Is there a chance that you won’t start work in the fall because you are laid off? Is your superintendent claiming that the budget is being impacted by new laws and layoffs are inevitable? If so, sign up for unemployment insurance as soon as school is over in June.

If the district has you sign a Notice of Reasonable Assurance letter (NORA) that says you will be back in the fall, you won’t be allowed to draw unemployment benefits during the summer, however if you sign up, and you are not returned to work in the fall, you may be able to draw unemployment benefits retroactively to the date you first signed up for unemployment.

Keep in mind the NORA letter is not binding the employer to hire you back. The letter is reassurance to the employer that you cannot receive unemployment during the summer until you get formal notification of a layoff or reduction of hours. In order to qualify as reasonable assurance under law, the offer of employment must be at least 90% of the wages earned the prior year.

To find out if you are eligible for unemployment compensation go to click on “Government Agencies” choose “State Agencies, Boards and Commissions” and then “Employment Security, Department of.”

Remember to file as soon as the school year is over if you believe lay-offs will be taking place.

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