About Us

Public School Employees of Washington (PSE) is a labor union dedicated exclusively to representing classified educational support professionals in Washington state’s public education system. Our 30,000+ members play a vital role in the operation of early learning, K-12 and universities throughout the state.

All new PSE members receive the Welcome to PSE booklet when they are hired by a school district or university. Download a copy to your computer or request a booklet be sent to you.

No other labor organization in Washington represents educational support professionals with the power and might of PSE. We are constantly working on the front lines to improve the quality of our public education system and to gain better recognition for those women and men who often work behind the scenes to help our students succeed.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEES OF WASHINGTON/LOCAL 1948 to secure rights, recognition, and respect for educational support professionals.


Washington Public School Employees, PSE’s precursor,  was created in 1948 by a small group of classified employees. In 1960, the organization changed its name to Public School Employees Association. That same year, the organization president pushed to replace the term “non-certificated” with “classified” to follow the lead of other states.

In 1967, the same year that Washington’s collective bargaining act was passed, the organization officially became Public School Employees of Washington.

Over the following decades, PSE has continued to fight for classified employees across the state.

In 2005, PSE affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to gain more strength by working with other classified school employees and union members in the state and nationally. We became SEIU Local 1948 and combined with other SEIU locals, we comprise the largest labor organization in the history of our state. To learn more about SEIU, click here.

Local control
PSE is controlled democratically through classified employees in more than 228 local chapters. Chapter members elect their own officers, bargain collectively and implement local programs, like scholarships, awards and sunshine funds. Chapters send delegates to the annual PSE Convention where resolutions and policies are discussed and the future direction for PSE is democratically decided.

Field representatives
PSE provides each of its chapters with professional staff experts who specialize in bargaining strategies, wage and benefit standards, and the legal framework for contract language. Each chapter is assigned a Field Representative to assist in managing all local negotiations and programs. We provide the expertise and you make all the decisions. If you need to talk to your field rep, call the PSE regional office nearest you.

Training opportunities and leadership programs
Here at PSE, there are a variety of resources, like regional chapter leader training, to assist local chapters and elected leaders. In addition, there are other outside job training opportunities available for all members to gain knowledge.

PSE leadership publications
There are many reference materials available to elected PSE chapter officers to help you understand and perform your union duties:

Contact any regional office to request copies of any of these materials today.Union Leader HandBook 2015 for web

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