Keeping our School Buildings Safe

So many of our Education Support Professionals across the state are continuing to provide the essential services our communities need. We want to thank each and every one of you for keeping our students fed, supported, and cared for. But often times, we forget those workers who aren’t visible on the front lines, or who aren’t working directly with the students in our schools.

They may be working the swing shift or prepping the building in the early hours before the sun rises and the bells ring. You may not see them, but the work they do for our schools when you’re asleep in your beds or sheltered in place in the confines of your home is what is keeping our school buildings and universities safe, clean, and ready for the students to learn.

One of these behind the scenes workers is David Nowotny, who is also the Zone 11 Director for our union. Among many of his coworkers, he is considered to be an essential worker during the ‘stay home, stay safe’ order and has been working hard to ensure the schools in Mukilteo are ready when the students return next Fall.

“I help to secure and close playgrounds to promote safe distancing and keep our communities safe. I also assist with fire testing to make sure our schools remain safe when students return. School buildings require attention with or without students, and maintenance departments across the state will continue to care for the tax payer’s investment. We continue to provide routine maintenance the safest way we can.”

There are other Education Support Professionals who also work alongside David in the Mukilteo school buildings.

“My coworkers at Mukilteo School District have all contributed to continue providing excellent service to the communities we work for. Custodians have worked very hard to disinfect and prepare buildings so it is safe for us to enter,” Nowotny explained.

Our maintenance and custodial workers are putting their lives at risk to keep the buildings where we work safe and secure, but many PSE members, like David, have chosen to stay positive throughout these difficult times.

“My coworkers have remained positive, but the virus has dramatically changed lives at our work as well as in our homes. Mukilteo School District is working hard to reduce the risk of exposure for employees, which also keeps my family safe. Thanks to my district and PSE; our voice is heard when it comes to workplace safety!” said Nowotny.

Thank you, David, and all of our hardworking Maintenance and Custodial workers who continue to work behind the scenes so our students can safely return to school when the world has healed. You are #ESPHeroes!

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