Senator Mullett proposes another bad idea

Coming off his incendiary amendment to the levy bill that would reduce teachers ability to negotiate salary increases, Senator Mullett (Issaquah) now takes aim at K 12 insurance benefits and more alarmingly, classified employees by reducing their insurance benefits.  Mullett’s bill, SB 6011, was just introduced and would put all K 12 employees into PEBB (Public Employees Benefits Board), not SEBB (a nearly impossible task coming only five months before SEBB goes live).

Further it would change eligibility for full insurance funding to employees who work more than 1040 hours, currently employees need to work 630 hours.  Employees who work between 630-1,040 hours would receive pro-rated insurance benefits (going back to the system currently in place).

There’s more, including a possible $2,600 contribution to an HSA (Health Savings Account), but that is thrown in to paper over the dramatic decrease in insurance benefits for employees who work between 630-1,440 hours.


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