Recap, Bills, Next Week


With the release, amendment, and final debates on Thursday, the Senate budget has been approved.  With the approval, House and Senate budget negotiators go behind closed doors to iron out the differences between the budgets. Attempts to undermine SEBB failed (what a relief) – as a result SEBB was fully funded, PSE higher education contracts at Western and Central Washington Universities were funded, the PEBB coalition agreement on insurance funding for calendar years 2020 and 2021 were funded, and four days per year of paraeducator training were funded.  Now we have to encourage Senate negotiators to hold their position in final negotiations.


With only 23 days left of the session and only a couple more days of hearings, we are unlikely to get many more new bills introduced.  Here is the current list of K 12 and Higher Education bills.

Next Week

Monday and Tuesday are the last committee hearings of the session (the only additional hearings will be when bills to implement the budget are heard  at the end of session).  Starting on Wednesday, legislators will spend the remaining days of the session on the floor voting on the bills that are still alive.


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