President Trump signs national recognition of classified employees

The last twelve years PSE representatives made an annual, sometimes semi-annual trip to Washington DC to lobby for national recognition for classified school employees.  We have worked with national unions  (NEA – National Education Association, and AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and national coalitions like the UCSE (United Classified School Employees) to try to pass a law requiring the United State Department of Education to set up a recognition program for a national classified school employee of the year.  A somewhat miracle has happened over the last several months leading up to President Trump’s signature TODAY! of HR 276.  The House of Representatives voted 387-19 on February 25, 2019, and the US Senate voted unanimously on March 28, 2019.

Our federal lobbyist, Bob Canavan, worked with PSE (as the lead representative for UCSE) over the last several months to take advantage of the planets lining up to get this over the finish line.  Pretty amazing!

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