Paraeducator bill heads to Governor Inslee

With unanimous votes in the House and Senate, HB 1658 heads to Governor Inslee for his signature.  This technical amendment bill became more helpful by requiring the paraeducator board to provide the legislature by December 2019 their recommendations on “reducing barriers to school districts and educational service districts using paraeducators on limited teaching certificates in teacher roles or to supporting paraeducators to become fully certificated teachers.”

Other changes were:

ŸModifies timelines for the paraeducator fundamental course of study and requires that at least one day of the course be provided in person.
ŸEncourages school districts to provide at least one day of general paraeducator certificate courses on standards of practice as a professional learning day.
ŸRequires candidates for the Pipeline for Paraeducators Conditional Scholarship to have at least one year of classroom experience and to complete their associate of arts degree in no more than four years

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