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With the passage of Wednesday’s deadline to get bills out of fiscal committees, we were really happy to see PSE intern, Jessica Rose, Cheney School District child nutrition employee, testify on HB 1272.  Not only was she here to provide her testimony, but she was also here to see it pass the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  She did such a good job, TVW highlighted her testimony on their daily “Legislative Review” program. Please see my previous blog on her performance!

Another highlight of the week was yesterday’s defeat of amendments to HB 1575, the bill that changes state laws because of the June 2018 Supreme Court Janus decision.


With few exceptions, the list of Higher Ed and K 12 bills important to us is relatively unchanged.  I will be blogging on the remaining bills of importance to PSE as legislators amend them in attempts to get agreement prior to the April 28th end of session.

Next Week

By Wednesday next week bills have to be off the floor.  I am most interested in the progress of the levy bill, SB 5313, and the House version, HB 2140.

Also, because the legislature has agreed to funding our higher education contracts at CWU (Central Washington University) and WWU (Western Washington University) and the PEBB (Public Employees Benefits Board) insurance coalition agreement, we continue to urge full funding of SEBB (School Employees Benefits Board) and four days of paraeducator training.  Please take some time to contact your legislators and ask them to fully fund SEBB and four days of paraeducator training.  Here is contact information for members of the House and Senators.

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