Recap, bill report, next week


All bills that have a financial cost had to be out of committee this week.  It was good to see that HB 2096, a bill to allow most Educational Service District (ESD) employees to be exempt from SEBB until 2024, died at the last minute last night.  PSE and WEA led the opposition (we were happy to have the Washington State Labor Council and the American Federation of Teachers join us).

Bill Report

I’m happy to say there are very few new bills being introduced now that we have passed the fiscal cutoff of March 1.  Here are the Higher Ed and K 12 bill reports.

Next Week

Legislators have until March 13 to vote on all the bills that have passed out of committee (a couple hundred on each side of the rotunda).  They will be spending their days, including Saturday and Sunday, debating and voting on bills.  We are most interested in the following bills:

…pro-union right to work legislation (HB 1575 & SB 5623)

… special education funding (SB 5091)

… school levy authority changes (SB 5313)

… school safety ( HB 1216 & SB 5317)

… state employee and higher education contracting out protections (HB 1521)

…new employee retirement choice (HB 1308 & SB 5360)

…requiring subcontracted transportation services provide SEBB like funding for employee insurance (HB 1813)

… 🙁 allowing an additional 10 school district waivers of 180 day school year (HB 1803)

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