Pro union bill passes House

Last night in a highly contentious debate, the House approved HB 1575 on a strict partisan vote of 57 (d’s) -41 (r’s).  Last year’s Janus decision from the Supreme Court made it necessary to change Washington State laws to allow free-riders.  Besides making those changes, the House approved the following significant changes:

…unions are recognized, and employers must accept the unions, as the custodian of record for union membership cards (in other words, if the union says an employee is a member, they cannot question it, and, all union cards – and revocations – go first to the union);

…employees can sign up for union membership verbally or electronically;

…employees can revoke their membership according to the terms of the membership card;

…unions attempting to organize new chapters can prove their support by having a majority of employees sign a bargaining card.  If they do so, there is no need for an election (only applies if there are no other unions trying to organize the same chapter.)

Here is the debate if you have an hour to kill:


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