House budget proposal released

Yesterday, the House released their 2019-21 operating budget.  On our priority issues, it only fails in one area: paraeducator training.  First the good news:

—It funds our WWU (Western Washington University) and CWU (Central Washington University) contracts;

—It funds the PEBB insurance coalition agreement;

—It funds the SEBB insurance coalition agreement;

—It funds a 2% and 2.1% salary increase for the next two school years.

The disappointing news is that instead of funding four days per year of paraeducator training, they funded two days.  We have put together a variety of lobbying efforts (including code blue members yesterday were in town) to convince House members that the bill we passed in 2017 that required four days per year of funding should be honored.

On another note, PSE strongly supports the new revenue sources that will be necessary to fund our contracts and insurance agreements.


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