Central Valley paraeducator finishes her internship

Cheryl Pirozok, Central Valley special education paraeducator, just finished her one week Frank J. Warnke legislative internship.  This unique opportunity is sponsored by PSE because it gives members a better understanding of the legislative process.  This year nine PSE members were awarded this internship.  Cheryl is the first of the year.  Here is her report on her experience…

What an exciting week to be in Olympia! I have had an incredible un-extinguishable fire spurred with in me to go forward.

  • I have had the incredible opportunity to sit in on a SEBB committee meeting.
  • Doug and I met privately with the Ways and Means committee fiscal analyst on SEBB.
  • I Personally spoke with almost every Democratic Legislative Assistant concerning the Paraeducator bill.
  • I had a 40-minute uninterrupted personal conversation with Bob McCaslin!
  • I was trained on a newer communication App by Travis Tingvall and sent 1125 text messages out to members!
  • Had the exciting opportunity to go to committee hearings; be in the gallery listening in both the Senate and House as bills are discussed and voted on.
  • Received invaluable information and training from Doug Nelson on how to factually understand and keep track of bills, including how to better navigate the Washington State Legislature website.
  • Observed both the Appropriations and Ways and Means committee hearings.
  • I along with Doug attended the Senate Early Learning & k-12 Education Committee hearing.

This is such a tremendous mentoring opportunity that PSE offers giving interns the opportunity to experience first­-hand how our government works, the unending work of the lobbyists and the vital importance of communication with our legislators help them connect with the regions voice, given the volume of bills being addressed during a session.


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