Bills, events, and recap


This week has been a succession of floor votes on bills that made it out of committee.  Not a lot to report on their progress on bills PSE is watching since they have been primarily clearing out some of the easier bills.  A highlight this week has been the SEBB (School Employees Benefits Board) meeting on Wednesday which will be covered in a separate entry.


Slight progress on some of the most important bills we are watching (union rights bills): K 12 and Higher Education report.

Next Week

Over the weekend and up to next Wednesday, the Senate and House will continue to vote bills off the floor.  Starting on Thursday, we go back to committee hearings on bills that made it through the first half of the legislative session.  Bills we continue to pay close attention to are:

…pro-union right to work legislation (HB 1575 & SB 5623)

… special education funding (SB 5091)

… school safety ( HB 1216 & SB 5317)

… state employee and higher education contracting out protections (HB 1521)

…new employee retirement choice (HB 1308 & SB 5360)

…requiring subcontracted transportation services provide SEBB like funding for employee insurance (HB 1813)

… 🙁 allowing an additional 10 school district waivers of 180 day school year (HB 1803)



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