Bad waiver bill continues to get support

Despite opposition from PSE (and WEA), the House unanimously approved HB 1803 (reducing the number of school days only ends up hurting 180 day classified employees.)  Expanding this waiver from 5 school districts (with less than 500 students) to 15 increases the odds that it will end up hitting one of PSE’s chapters in the future.  Before a waiver is approved by the State, school districts must include in their waiver request the impact on the child nutrition program and the impact on recruiting and retaining 180 days employees.

Though school district classified employees have a right to comment at a school board meeting on the district’s request for a waiver, up to now either they haven’t commented on the impact on them or more likely, they haven’t been able to stop it from happening in the current five districts.

Proponents of the bill, including House Education Chair Representative Santos, believe it improves student learning, though there is no evidence other than anecdotes that it does so.

The bill now heads to the Senate.

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