Union membership after the Janus decision

Since the Supreme Courts June 2018 “Janus decision”, public employee unions acrossed the State have adapted their procedures to implement the new federal law.  Now we need to change our State laws to conform to the new requirements.  In addition to taking out the requirement for all employees to pay their “fair share” of union costs to represent their members, the changes in HB 1575 and SB 5623 also describe:

….the union is responsible for keeping track of union membership records (not the employer).  Employers no longer are the custodian of records of union membership though they will have to accept the union’s word which employees to deduct dues from their paycheck.

….local dues are collected in the same fashion as State dues.

….verbal and electronic dues authorization for union membership are acceptable proof of member approval of dues deduction.

….members who choose to revoke union membership must send their request to the union (not the employer).

….card check elections shall be approved by simple majority rather than the current super-majority of 70%.

Prospects for bill passage are good but I expect some elements to change during the session.


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