Slowed down by snow

Since there was little if any access to the Capitol because of the over foot of snow, the legislature had no choice other than to cancel hearings on Monday.  They were back at it on Tuesday but even then it was a late start.  It is very unusual for the legislature to close down during session (some legislative veterans couldn’t recall it happening over the last couple decades).  That’s because they are on tight deadlines to get their work done on time.

They are back at it putting in a couple extra hours here and there to get back on schedule.

There are a couple paraeducator bills; SB 5413 – improving paraeducator ability to become a teacher and HB 1658 – perfecting upcoming paraeducator training under consideration.  Also being considered are a couple of school transportation bills; HB 1057 – cameras and seat belts on busses, HB 1813 – requiring transportation contractors to provide SEBB like benefits to employees, SB 5263 – reducing hiring restrictions and training  of bus drivers.

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