Recognizing critical instructional role of Paraeducators

PSE’s advocacy efforts over the last several years to convince State legislators and education leaders that paraeducators are a critical member of the instructional team appear to be making progress.  There are no less than 15 bills introduced this year that does just that; several have made it past the first major deadline.  Here are the bills (bills with * are alive):

HB 1130*/SB 5606 – language access training for paraeducators and front office staff

HB 1139* – encouraging paraeducators to become teachers

HB 1322*/SB 5607 – encourage bilingual paraeducators to become teachers

HB 1454* – training paraeducators in inclusion practices

HB 1468* / SB 5070 – bilingual paraeducator bonus

HB 1479* / SB 5777 – social emotional learning training of paraeducators

HB 1658* – technical changes to upcoming paraeducator training (if State funds four days of training)

HB 1914 / SB 5908 – paraeducator cultural competency training

SB 5091* – use of federal special education funding to train paraeducators

SB 5413* – encouraging paraeducators to become teachers


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