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Requiring school districts to purchase new (big) busses with shoulder and lap seat belts and installing stop paddle video cameras on all busses was an issue I was most interested in this week (read an earlier blog).  In the hearing there wasn’t much opposition (PSE signed in with concerns).  The high costs of the bill is likely to slow down HB 1057 in future debates.

Another major issue I was closely tracking (read a previous entry) was changing state law to recognize the recent US Supreme Court Janus decision.  HB 1575 received positive support from unions and not surprisingly hostile opposition by the Freedom Foundation.


Bills continue to be introduced but has slowed down considerably.  Here are the Higher Education & K 12 bill reports.

Next Week’s Hearings

There are numerous hearings next week that bring up a variety of issues that we like and don’t like (I think democrats are giving courtesy hearings to republican bills that bring up issues important to them but hostile to us).  On the “like” side are the rights of workers bills HB 1575/SB 5623, ensuring employer neutrality while employees exercising their rights (SB 5169), bilingual teacher and paraeducator bonus (HB 1468), updating paraeducator training requirements (HB 1658), requiring subcontractors provide their employees same insurance benefits as are provided by SEBB (HB 1813), paraeducator conditional scholarship improvements (SB 5413), sign language interpreter supports (HB 1623), and, simple majority passage of bonds (HJR 4203).

On the dislike side, reducing the number of required school days (HB 1803) and reducing bus driver training (SB 5263).

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