Recap, bill reports, next week’s events


Snow slowed things down for a couple of days but the February 22 deadline to get bills out of committee resulted in additional hearings this week to get their work done on time.  I was interested in two school transportation bills heard this week: SB 5263 – making it easier to become a bus driver, and, HB 1813 – forcing transportation contractors to provide SEBB like benefits and funding.

Bill Reports

New bill introductions are almost done but they continue to come in.  Here’s the Higher Ed and K 12 reports.

Next Week

It’s the last week of the first major deadline – February 22.  Of all the bills under consideration next week, the only one I don’t like and wish would go away is HB 1803 – allows 10 more small school districts (less than 500 students) to waive the 180 day school year (go to school the same number of instructional hours per year  but fewer days). I’m also looking forward to committee approval of two pro-labor bills: HB 1575 /SB 5623 (see earlier entry)  and SB 5169 – requiring employer neutrality when employees are exercising their union rights.

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