Levy changes getting attention

As expected, there is general agreement (at least among Democrats) that the McCleary levy changes from last year are harming school districts ability to provide basic education to their students.  One solution getting a great deal of early attention is SB 5313, sponsored by Senator Wellman (Bellevue).  It would:

Ÿ…Allow a school district to choose between a levy lid of either 20 percent of its levy base or $3,500 per pupil.

…Provide local effort assistance (LEA) to school districts operating under the 20 percent levy lid model and have a 10 percent levy rate that exceeds the statewide average 10 percent levy rate.

…Should a school district’s LEA decrease from 2019 to 2020, the school district must receive the 2019 LEA amount.

The bill will be heard at next week’s Senate Ways and Means Committee hearing.

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