Bus safety measure – cameras & seat belts

Yesterday, the House Education Committee heard HB 1507, sponsored by Representative Mosbrucker (14th LD, Yakima area).  Though there are some things we like, e.g., video cameras on all busses to catch stop paddle violators, the seat belt requirement for all new busses purchased after 2020 concerns PSE.  We know that there are seat belts on small busses however putting them on large busses leads to questions about bus driver responsibility and student responsibility.  Though there are some states already using seat belts on large busses, and have been doing so for several years, PSE believes they should be introduced on a smaller experimental scale before we make it a state wide policy.

Underlying all of these measures is the requirement to come up with the significant cost to implement cameras and seat belts on all busses.  In the past, the legislature has found it difficult to fund either one of these state mandates.  I expect this legislature to be no different.


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