Sandy Hook Elementary shooting provides lessons we need to learn

All of us have heard about the terrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  At this week’s House Education Committee they heard from a mother from the Sandy Hook incident describe not only what happened (her 6 year old daughter, Emily, was one of 20 kindergartner and first graders killed), but also share with the committee some lessons learned.  After she finished her one hour presentation, a fast talking professor from University of Washington, described two things school districts should improve: their “threat assessment” abilities, and, make a more positive school environment so that students feel more willing to report to adults the threats they are likely to hear.

If you have time, it is worth your time to watch the two hour hearing to give you an idea what you can do at your school or university to spark some change.  Here is the link to the two hour hearing:


The next day, the Senate Education Committee took testimony on five school safety bills:

  •  SB 5o52 – school resource officer training, hiring and standards
  • SB 5216 – improving threat assessment training and procedures, communicating with enforcement authorities long term suspensions
  • SB 5315 – hiring more nurses, social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors
  • SB 5317 – improving threat assessment programs and other safety programs, e.g., mapping, safety drill
  • SB 5514 – improving communications to private schools during shooting incidents
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