K 12 insurance board meeting progress

SEBB (School Employees Benefits Board) met this week and continued to put more details in place.  Each monthly meeting consists of one piece after the other being put together by SEBB and implemented by the HCA (Health Care Authority).  I realized the other day that the HCA  is expertly guiding us through all the decisions/rules necessary so that 140,000 K 12 employees will have the best plans possible when they start signing up for insurance October 1, 2019.

At this meeting, there weren’t what you would call “highlights” but they did decide matters related to employees who are on leave of absence and elements of the Wellness Plan implementation.

Something most employees care deeply about, pharmaceutical coverage, received a great deal of time and attention – see materials starting on page 78.

Finally, the HCA unveiled the legislatively required report which recommended that K 12 retirees who are not yet on Medicare be placed in the SEBB system rather than where they are now, the PEBB system.  This wouldn’t take place until 2022.

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