Bills and events next week

As the first week of session wraps up, its helpful to recap the week, file reports about bills filed so far, and, prepare for next week.


Governor Inslee’s 2019-21 Operating Budget was the focus starting on day one.  Charlotte and I had the opportunity to testify about our four funding priorities this session (see earlier blog entries).  Then later on I supported additional revenue sources to fund our financial priorities (new capital gains and B&O increase).


I have prepared a Higher Education and K 12 report of the bills that will get hearings next week as well as all the bills that have been filed that will most directly affect our members.  Additionally, I have entered our position and level of interest in the bill.  Our position and interest may change during the session as amendments or other issues arise.


SEBB (School Employees Benefits Board) received plenty of attention this week and will get even more attention next week.  On Wednesday  the 23rd and Thursday the 24th, the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Ways and Means Committee will have separate work sessions (a thorough presentation and discussion about important issues) on SEBB and the Union Coalition agreement regarding SEBB funding.




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