SEBB continues to slog through development process

SEBB (School Employees Benefits Board) has moved to eight hour meetings in order to develop the insurance plans for 140,000 K 12, charter school, and Educational Service District (ESD) employees starting January 1, 2020.  At their recent September 17 meeting, the Board decided to offer a standalone vision plan (rather than an embedded vision plan in a medical plan).  With that decision, the Health Care Authority (HCA) can go out to bid and negotiate plan costs.

Another issue raised, but no decision made, was the placement of K 12 non-medicare retirees (about 4,000 retirees) who are in the PEBB insurance risk pool.  The issue is whether they should be moved into the SEBB actives insurance risk pool.  PSE supports moving them into the SEBB actives insurance pool.

At their August 30 meeting, the Board passed a couple of resolutions approved relating to employee eligibility (the focus for many of these resolutions is part time employees who are close to the 630 hour requirement – 3.5 hours per day for 180 school days.)  For instance, one resolution allows the “stacking” of hours in order to qualify for eligibility (allows employees who work in several positions to combine their hours for eligibility).

If you would like more information on all the resolutions passed, most recent major news, or the comprehensive meeting materials (go to the “briefing book”), go to the SEBB website; it is very helpful and because there is so much going on, regularly updated.

Next meeting: October 4.

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