Higher Education Health Care CBA Tentative Agreement Reached!

The Health Care Labor Coalition and the Office of Financial Management reached a tentative agreement Friday evening on a successor Health Care Benefits collective bargaining agreement (2019-2021) for represented state employees.

Under the agreement, the employees’ share of health care premiums will not increase; employees will continue to pay 15% of premium costs, while the state will pay 85%.

Also, the state agreed to provide a Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) for all represented employees who occupy a position that has an annual FTE base salary of $50,004 or less.  Employers will place $250 in those employees’ FSAs in January 2020 and again in January 2021.

It was vital to the Coalition not to agree to any language which would increase the cost share of health care to its members.  With this agreement, the Coalition believes it has achieved that goal.

The agreement must be ratified by both parties and submitted to the Governor by October 1st.  PSE will update you once the agreement has been ratified.

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