SEBB negotiations get started

With little fanfare and no one taking up the opportunity to watch the riveting (okay maybe it was only interesting) discussion, the SEBB negotiation committee met with Governor Inslee’s Office of Labor Relations last Friday to begin what we hope will be concluded in the next six weeks.  Shawn Lewis, chief spokesperson for the committee, ended the day with a presentation of the union’s proposal (he calls it a supposal).  Though a great deal of it is highly technical, it basically comes down to the following:

…we want the State to fund at least the same rate for K 12 as for State Employees ($1,050 per FTE vs our current rate of $843.97 per FTE).

…we want the State to fully fund K 12 employees who are anticipated to work more than 630 hours in a calendar year (State costs nearly $130 million per year).

…we want the State to fully fund the retiree payment (currently $64.07 per FTE).

…we want the State to provide us 90/10 premium share – employer (State) pays 90 percent of monthly premiums, employee pays 10%.

…we want the State to provide us insurance plans that are at least 88% actuarial value – the higher the value, the less employees have to pay.

We hope to have negotiations concluded by September 11.  Next negotiation session: August 7, Teamsters Hall in Tukwila (see an earlier post for address).

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