No surprises at PEBB meeting

At today’s PEBB meeting, the Board quickly approved the insurance plans and premiums for 2019.  Without any debate, the Board unanimously approved all recommendations made by the HCA (Health Care Authority).  After the votes were concluded, there were congratulatory messages to the HCA for their hard work putting together not only the plans, but, the low premium increases members will be pleased to see.

If you are interested in the rates for the different plans, please review my previous blog.

Other highlights:

…the Board approved an open enrollment period sometime during the first quarter of 2019 for LTD (Long Term Disability) optional insurance so that members may purchase optional LTD or change their benefit waiting period without providing evidence of insurability.

…another presentation, and longer discussion, regarding the impact of moving K 12 Medicare retirees from the PEBB system to the SEBB system (there are more K 12 retirees than state employee retirees in the PEBB Medicare pool.)  This is a difficult issue that may affect both SEBB and PEBB.  As a result, the HCA has decided to have a special SEBB/PEBB joint meeting on September 17 to make sure both boards are getting the same information at the same time, and even more important, each board will share their opinions before HCA finalizes the report to the legislature by December 2018.

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