Union Summer Employment Program

Just because members are leaving worksites for the summer does not mean that member-to-member conversations and re-commitment efforts must stop. Building on our successful paid release time program that has supported statewide member recommit efforts, the PSE Union Summer Program is intended to continue the work of members meeting other members to share their union and promote membership in PSE this summer. PSE is hiring members and partnering them with staff and experienced member organizers to create small teams. The teams conduct home visits (door knocking), having brief 5-10 minute re-commitment conversations with members of their chapter who live in the same town/area.

This program will also allow us to continue to provide members with an opportunity to recommit to their union while providing an additional investment in the development of PSE union members.

Planned program start and end dates: July 9 – September 14 (applicants must commit to a 1-week minimum employment).
Compensation: $15/hour.

To apply for the program, go here.

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