What a way to end McCleary

Last night the House added some last minute changes to the McCleary bill SB 6362, passed it on a party line vote 50-48, immediately sent it over to the Senate, and the Senate passed it on a party line 25-23 vote after a bitter debate that came close to a complete meltdown.  Not the way I would have liked them to close the book on the last chapter of the Supreme Court case.

As I have mentioned previously, this bill limits what we can negotiate next year.  What salary increase can we negotiate next year?  They didn’t change their previous position that I have described in previous entries which was:

  1.  3% increase based upon the 2017 CPI (consumer price index);
  2. Education and experience step increases;
  3. Job changes based upon enrollment changes;
  4. And now the more complicated one…raise school district classified employee average salary to the average statewide allocation determined by OSPI.  This “upper limit” will be a different calculation for each school district.

Final reminder, this limitation is only for the 2018-19 school year.  Salary increases in future years will be based upon the IPD (implicit price deflator) not the CPI.


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