My week in Olympia – Tiffany Picotte

What a unique and fabulous opportunity PSE members have, to join Doug in Olympia as a legislative intern during legislative session!

I was particularly pleased with the discovery of TVW, Washington States’ own public affairs network that runs 24-hours a day for all of our enjoyment.  I enjoyed the channel around the clock all week, and now it has a permanent home on my laptop toolbar and my Roku! Get in on the fun here:

The majority of the action of the week consisted of sitting in on House and Senate committees hearing testimony on proposed bills, which if they were so fortunate, passed out of committee in the executive sessions.  Much of the week our attention was given to the House Appropriations and Senate Ways and Means Committees, the budget committees.  The major shocker was the House Appropriations Committee blowing off McCleary, causing a stir with the education unions.

What was anticipated to be a quiet day on the hill Friday, turned into a fiery afternoon with the House debating some of the most controversial bills on the floor, including:  ESB 6617 (records disclosure obligations of the legislative branch), ESB 5992 (bump-fire stocks), and the House Appropriations Committee budget.  Unfortunately, the debate was cut short for me when I had to head out to catch my shuttle back to Sea-Tac.

Beyond simply the amount of knowledge I gained this week, what I came away with was a deeper understanding and appreciation for the legislative process, but most especially the legislators. Politics aside, these individuals work so hard for their districts and Washington State and it unfortunately does, often, go unnoticed by their constituents. I highly encourage all PSE member to delve deeper and consider being a PSE legislative intern!


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