Improved union dues process

Last night, the Senate approved, on a party line vote of 26-22 (republican Senator Mark Miloscia joined all democrats), HB 2751.  With their approval, it now heads to Governor Inslee for his consideration and hopefully, his approval.

If he signs it, employers will be required to deduct regular dues from all employees in the bargaining unit when they are hired.  No longer is it necessary to have a signed card before dues are deducted.   Employees who want to be a fee-payer or religious objector must do what they currently do: let the union and employer know of their decision.

An important note however is that in order for this change to impact a bargaining unit, the collective bargaining agreement must have the traditional union security clause which specify employees have to contribute to the union (or choose fee payer status or religious objector status) and employers must deduct the appropriate dues based upon their decision.  Without these collective bargaining agreement provisions, this will have no impact.

One final note…the upcoming US Supreme Court Janus decision may affect the impact of this legislation so stay tuned.

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