Bus Stop Benny

PSE SEIU 1948 has partnered with KOMO News and are now a sponsor of their morning weather segment with Seth Wayne—Bus Stop Benny.

Benny was created to help kids prepare for the weather and choose appropriate outfits for the day. Seth also asks students to download and color Benny, take a photo with him in front of their bus stop, and send it in for a chance to get featured on the news.

Do you have kids? Do you know any kids? Are you a bus driver or bus para? Do you work with students in your school? Spread the word about Bus Stop Benny and hand out the coloring page, or just color one yourself! Send it in to KOMO News and let Seth Wayne know you’re with PSE, and he will show your picture on the air!

Bus Stop Benny is featured on KOMO 4 News at around 6:40am on weekdays, and PSE has several commercials airing in rotation after the segment. As a sponsor of Bus Stop Benny, we will continue to educate the public about who we are and that we support good union jobs.

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