Senate moves salary allocations one year earlier

The Senate agreed with the Supreme Court’s demand that the legislature move funding for K 12 salaries one year earlier by approving SB 6362 last night.  It now heads to the House after receiving a narrow 25-22 vote.

Since salary and salary increases is one of the most important issues to any classified employee, please note that my description below about the impact of 6362 is not final and may undergo changes when it is considered by the House.  Here is what the impact of 6362 would have on salaries:

…the salary allocation to school districts would rise to $46,912 starting September 1, 2018.  Since the current salary allocation for nearly all school districts is $34,180, this would amount to a  37.2% increase in State funding for salaries.  Before you get too excited about that, please note that the legislature has also limited what we can negotiate for salary increases next year.

The minimum salary increase will be based upon the consumer price index (the current estimate is 2.4%) as it has been for the last several years.  The maximum will depend upon each school district’s average total classified staff salary, step increases and staffing increases.  We will be able to negotiate:

… Annual experience and education salary step increases according to the salary schedule specified in the agreement.

Salary changes for staffing increases due to enrollment growth.

The average total classified staff salary for the district may be increased up to the state salary allocation for the district (including the regionalization factor).

This complicated formula is only for the 2018-19 school year.  Though this is going to be very difficult to calculate, it will be worth the time and effort if it gives us the ability to negotiate a higher salary increase for classified employees we represent.



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