Senate approves paraeducator fixes

Earlier today, in a nearly unanimous 46-1 vote the Senate sent to the House SB 6388Senator Mullet, bill sponsor and staunch PSE supporter, has been a strong advocate for paraeducators as we worked together to improve upon the paraeducator bill approved last year.  6388 gives paraeducators one additional year to meet minimum qualification standards, gives school districts an additional year to train paraeducators (if the 4 day course is funded next year), and refines the pathways to teacher certification if the paraeducator wants to become a teacher.

We continue to work with Senator Mullet and Senate Ways and Means Committee chair, Senator Rolfes, on a budget proviso to provide $500,000 for the development of special education and TBIP (Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program) training modules.  Here is the proviso we are working on:

The sum of five hundred thousand dollars, or as much thereof as may be necessary, is appropriated for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019, from the general fund to the state of Washington professional educator standards board to provide overall oversight and procure or develop professional development for specialty certificates and align courses with general certificate professional development, including any necessary changes or edits to general certificate online modules.

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