SEBB threatened by another bill

We are keeping an eye on HB 2408 written by Representative and Chair of the House Health Care Committee, Eileen Cody. This bill has moved to the rules committee although has not been picked for a floor vote yet. This bill proposes to combine the uninsured market in Washington with our yet to be implemented SEBB system. Representative Cody believes that combining these markets will help satisfy requirements of the ACA (Affordable Care Acdt) and help insure all Washingtonians. However, PSE, WEA and WSSDA (Washington State School Directors Association) all oppose this bill because it will most likely complicate SEBB and drive up costs for school employees. Combining these markets also has the potential to scare away potential healthcare plan bidders. This week I had the opportunity to speak to my representatives, Sherry Appleton,  and Representative Drew Hansen’s legislative assistant about why we are opposed to this bill. It is interesting to me as a Democrat to lobby in opposition to this bill. This experience proved to me that being part of a union is not about labels…it’s about labor!

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