McCleary solution approved by another committee

Now that the Budget negotiators are meeting to fine tune the 2018 supplemental budget, the House Appropriations committee approved SB 6362 on a party line vote of 18-15.  Since this bill covers an issue near and dear to every classified employee, their 2018-19 school year salary increase, this is where things stand at this point.  Keep in mind that it still has to be approved by the House and then has to be approved again by the Senate.

What can you negotiate for the 2018-19 salary increase:

1…minimum salary increase of 3%.

2….maximum salary increase dependent upon each school districts average total classified staff salary.  If your district average is less than the amount the school district receives from the state, we can negotiate whatever increase is necessary to raise your school districts average salary to the amount they receive from the state’s allocation for your school district (including the regionalization factor).  The average allocation from the state is $46,784.33.

3…Step increases and increased time as a result of enrollment increases or changes to the state’s prototypical school formula are allowed as an addition to the calculation above.

Though we are near the end of the process, there may be last minute changes that may change the calculation process.

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