Intern shares her experience in Olympia

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. I am Jennifer Chamberlin, a clerical assistant who has worked in the Bremerton school district for 8 years.  I am nearly at the end of my internship and have learned a lot. Sitting in on many types of hearings and meetings gave me a deeper level of understanding of the legislative process as well as insight into how bills move through congress. There were many interesting bills at play here including opioid medication administration in schools (HB2390), School employee benefits board (SB 6241) implementation, amending bond super majority (SB6246 and SB8213), and several controversial union related bills.

The Freedom Foundation is proving to be quite troublesome and sending a deluge of emails and correspondence to Washington legislature. There are efforts in the Senate and House to protect our personal information, specifically our birthdates from public access.  The Senate debated the union bills Wednesday night until almost 2AM!  SB6229 is waiting for a Senate vote and today I watched as the companion HB2624 moved to the floor from the House Rules Committee. These bills will guarantee the right of our union reps to give a presentation to new union members in the first 30 days of employment.

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