Dyslexia bill attracts PSE Intern interest

Lynda Ford, Cheney School District paraeducator, is a PSE intern this week and is following a subject of interest to her.  Here’s her report:

E2SSB6162 is a Senate bill that came to the Senate floor on Wednesday. This bill defines Dyslexia as a disability and now allows school districts to screen for Dyslexia and requires them to provide interventions and support for these students.  This bill also directs OSPI to determine which screening tools are to be used. I am very excited about the unanimous passage of this bill. As para educators we all know and work with children with learning disabilities. I am hopeful this will give us more tools to help our children. Although E2SSB6162 has passed the Senate it now has to go to the House. Hopefully, it will be brought to the floor next week and voted on. I will definitely be following it closely and I hope you will too.


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