Budget proposal funds PSE priorities

Senate Ways and Means chair, Senator Christine Rolfes, just introduced her supplemental operating budget, SB 6032.  In it she funded the one year earlier salary increase for K 12 as required by the Washington State Supreme Court, development of paraeducator training modules, and, fully funds the continued implementation of SEBB (School Employee Benefit Board).

As explained in an earlier entry, the Senate funds a significant increase in salary allocation (average 36.5% increase) to each school district for classified employees starting September 1, 2018.  As explained in that entry, we are also limited in how much of that salary allocation increase we have access to in our 2018 negotiations.

On another subject, we asked for $500,000 for development of special education and ELL (English language learners) training modules but we got $250,000.  This is a good start but we may need to come back next year for an enhancement to finish the job.

Finally, the Senate added an additional $20 million to the $8 million previously provided to the Health Care Authority (HCA) to implement SEBB.

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